Maximize the ability to retain and acquire new customers and use minimal resources on ads.

Why Growth Marketing?

With Growth Marketing you speed up the growth journey for your product and marketing team in your company from the acquisition mindset to the growth mindset. Every activity is based on retaining the customer/user and make them your advocates.

What Happens?

We allways start with running a growth sprint to address the growth activities we need to run to help you grow and reach your business goals.

A growth sprint is a 2 hour workshop where we address and define growth challenges and create actionable growth experiments that runs 4-6 weeks. After 4-6 weeks we measure the outcome of the experiments and set new goals.


Activities that help potensial customers find you.
(Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, content-market-fit)


Activities that makes potensial customers and users convert to customers or users when they visit your website or web store. (webdesign, app design, UX, etc)


Activities we run to make customers or users happy and keep buying from you or use your product.
(User research, analytics, Design Sprint)


Activities we run to make it easy for your customers and users to brag about your product or services. (Referral campaigns, e-mail)


All the activities above combined. Almost every companies goal with marketing is to create growth in revenue. Thats why we often starts with looking at the challenges with revenue in order to pinpoint areas in the framework to address.

The Outcome

A growth culture with tested growth tools and processes that continues to create healthy and sustainable growth after we leave you.

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