MERGing Virtual Technology And The human body

Create unique and real-world situations in a controlled, virtual and physical environment in training, education, entertainment and rehabilitation.

Inligo XR

Inligo XR is a powerful and flexible XR platform bringing virtual technology and the human body together using the latest in virtual and haptic data technology.

Private Sector

Incidents and crises in high-risk work environments can put safety at risk. In the worst case end in disaster.

Inligo XR makes it possible for real time measure of stress levels and body functions under stressful situations.

Simulate unique training environments and make your employees prepared and equipped for success!

Public Emergency

Training in handling unique public crisis events is important but also difficult.

Fire, health, police and other public instructors can create unique scenarios that are otherwise difficult to recreate and train more frequently on handling unique crisis incidents with Inligo XR.

Sports & Rehabilitation

Haptic technology in our body suit from Teslasuit give you a responsive, accurate and precise measuring tool during training and rehabilitation.

Inligo XR give you more effective training and faster rehabilitation with the precise data.

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Inligo XR let you lower the risk of injury and accelerates the learning process of employees when training takes place in a closed and controlled environment.


Reduce costs of transportation, instructor and facilities by scaling on-site exercise scenarios with Inligo XR.

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