Focus on quickly getting from digital product requirements to a tested prototype in just five days.

Why Design Sprint?

It has never been easier to start a digital product company. At the same time it is more difficult than ever to make a digital product that sticks. The Google Design Sprint makes it possible to find out what sticks or not before you spend tons of time and money in putting the product into lines of code.

What Happens?

A Design Sprint is a 5-day design hackaton. The week start with a two day workshop with you, the client where we define the goals for the sprint, challenges to solve and create solutions.
On day 3 we build the prototype and prepare the user test. On day 4 we test the prototype on real users.
On day 5 we bring you the data that shows what makes the product stick and what dont.

The Outcome

In addition to saving a ton of money you get:

1. A high-fidelity and interactive prototype.
2. User data that help you choose the next step in the product development project.

After A Design Sprint.

You have these three options after a Design Sprint:
1. Continue the digital product development at your company.
2. Take the learnings from the user feedbacks and run a second sprint to improve the prototype and run a new test.
3. Create the end product with our product team.

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